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Wine Pairing: Caviar

Wine Pairing: Caviar

The real Caviar has a beautiful texture. The sockets roll on your tongue and slide down the palate, firm, and each egg is different from the next. The Caviar is smooth and does not have excess fat. Once you bite into the eggs, it has an explosion of flavors released to please your palate with a unique and outrageous flavor.
Caviar should never be allowed to come in contact with silver or stainless steel utensils or serving dishes, as this can impart an unpleasant metallic taste. Caviar should be served chilled, in a crystal, porcelain, or glass serving bowl nestled on a cooling bed of crushed ice. A mother-of pearl spoon is the traditional choice to scoop the luscious pearls, but ones of gold or horn may also be used. As a last resort, a plastic spoon can be used.
You can pair caviar with a Brut Champaign or Crémant. If you dare you can taste it also with an oxydated wines as a Vin Jaune. Some prefer Vodka or a dry Sherry but the amount of alcohol can destroy your tasting skills what is not recommended.