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Artegusto tasting event on 19 & 20 march 2022
Artegusto tasting event on 19 & 20 march 2022
tuna wine pairing tonijn wijn en gerecht

Wine Pairing: Tuna

There's bluefin and yellowfin tuna, of course, and you might be tempted to try red wine with the former because of the bright red color that is reminiscent of meat. (Today it is being sold less and less because it is an endangered species). Red wine, such as a young Pinot Noir, goes well with tuna, although I still think a southern rosé wine is the best choice for the well-known "salad Niçoise".
White is never wrong with fish, of course, but in the case of tuna you can afford a more southern white wine because you still need a lot of strength and spiciness to compete with the fatty fish meat of the tuna.
The fact that the tuna is fried or raw makes a bigger difference in wine choice. Tuna carpaccio, for example, cannot live with red wine, it requires a spicy white wine, in the style of Pinot Grigio from Italy, a dry pinot gris from Alsace, or a Grauburgunder from Germany. Also try a white Italian wine from the Verdicchio grape.