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The shop is open every Saturday from 10-18h
The shop is open every Saturday from 10-18h


WinesBIO or Wijnkeldermeester is a Belgian company situated in the Bruges region. We specialize in organic, biodynamic and natural wine coming from West-European wineries.

WinesBIO makes it easy to order wine

All wines listed are in stock and, barring unforeseen circumstances, are delivered after 3 days to you. The range is expanding constantly and is composed of wines carefully selected at the wineries.

You can very easily choose your wines by using the various navigation and search capabilities. You can narrow your choice via the filter to a country, wine region, domain, grape and various other items.

We deliver worldwide.

Organic wine

We believe in the purity of organic wines, and are able to offer you a very wide choice. On this website there is more information on organic and bio-dynamic wine-making. This gives you a 100% honest product with a smaller carbon footprint and ecologically responsible.


Quality wine from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.


Periodically, we organize wine tastings in our shops together with partners and wine associations. We can organise these tastings at your premises.


De gustibus non est disputandum …

WinesBIO is equal to high quality wine. If for any reason there's concern about the delivery, you can contact us and together we'll provide you with a solution. About taste, however, we can't argue.


If you need advice to organize a meal and / or party we will provide you with advice and assistance. As a sommelier and our knowledge of pairing with food we can present the ideal combination.

Some festive wine pairings

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