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The best deals in March
The best deals in March

Wine Pack Château Les Vignals - you should try these 6 wines

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1 x Herbe Folle Perlé Blanc
1 x Herbe Folle Rouge
1 x Herbe Folle Rouge Foudre
1 x Innocent Brut
1 x Soif-Art Blanc sec
1 x Soif-Art Rouge

You really should try these wines from Château les Vignals. These biodynamic wines are remarkable and once you've tasted them you'll want more. You can combine these wines with a vast number of food ingredients.

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JP Guyon baie par baie

Jean-Pierre Guyon uses "baie par baie technique" already since 2020. The result is called the pinot caviar: grapes destemmed by hand, berry by berry, with a pair of scissors - leaving the grapes intact with the pedicels in place.

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